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From a young age I knew that my passion was to work caring for elderly people with special needs, that passion was born for wanting to take care of my grandparents. For this reason, I entered the Nursing School of the Central University of Ecuador (Quito-Ecuador). After graduating as a nurse (LVN) I had the opportunity to work in one of the most prestigious clinics in Ecuador (Clinica Pasteour) and at the same time work with private patients. In 1992 by references from my uncles I had the opportunity to come to Los Angeles to care for a person with special needs. I went to school to take the CNA license and work at Royal Oaks Convalescent Hospital on a morning shift for 20 years and at Studio City Rehab Center where I am still working. I moved from Royal Oaks to Oak Park Health Care Center ( City of Tujunga), after all these years of having accumulated enough experience I feel the need to continue giving my services in privacy and comfort. As a conclusion of my profession could say that I always defended my patients wherever I have the opportunity to practice my profession because I love my profession.
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